Our services of roof leak repairs have had a 99.9% high rate of success.

We use top of the line brand name materials and high-quality roof leak repair products that have been known and proven to do the job. All Quality has the highest quality dedicated workmanship in the industry .

Having your roof repaired as soon as possible can prevent further damage to the rest of your home so be sure to have one of our highly trained repair professionals take a look and have it repaired by the best.

A roof leak can occur from many different parts of your roof and water can travel from one section to another before it reaches the inside of your home. Therefore, when a  stain is seen on the ceiling, the source of the leak often is not located exactly above the same area on the roof, instead it is most likely to be on a higher level towards the peak of the house.

Many roofers from the past have tried cutting corners and saving themselves time and cutting cost on the material not thinking on the lifetime of the roof they put on. We have seen it all. Most roof repairs are mandatory due to a  contractor making either a mistake on having the shingles alined properly or the nails are not where they are suppose to be or missing roofing materials that they never put on.

All Roof Leaks start small and get bigger over the years of not being repaired. Many roof repairs require material such as flashing or ice/water weather-watch shield which every roof should have but most don’t. We have seen all the possible causes that lead to roofs leaking and in need of repairs.  Damaged shingles from storm damage are common as well which are the easiest to trace and repair.  No matter how complicated the job may be, All Quality will make sure that the roof has properly been repaired with the best brand materials on the market using professionals whom have the experience and the knowledge for the job.

All roof repairs come with a warranty or money back guaranteed. After the roof has been repaired and the leak has stopped, then our job results should last you as long as the rest of the roof lasts.

If you know your roof is in need of repairs, It’s very possible you’re subject to further damage. Have one of our guys come out and inspect your roof – we might be able to save you money. All Estimates are FREE. We Serve all NJ and Staten Island, including Bergen County, NJ; Passaic County, NJ; Hudson County, NJ; Essex County, NJ; Union County, NJ; Morris County, NJ; Middlesex County, NJ; and Somerset County, NJ.


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Call Today!    877-908-0174



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When it comes to roof leaks, All quality does the job right the first time.

Specializing in roof leaks and repairs is crucial with all different type of roofs that New Jersey has to offer.  At times it can be challenging but All Quality has all the experience to get the job done. We know why roofs leak. We trace and find the source of a roof leak no matter how complicated it may be.

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