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We are hired by many homeowners to help prevent ice dams through roof snow shoveling each year. In fact, many snow birds have us on contract to shovel their roofs after each significant snowfall automatically. We work on a pay-per-visit basis or a contract roof shoveling basis. The choice is yours. The bottom line is that removing snow from your roof will greatly reduce if not eliminate the likelihood of ice dams.

Roof shoveling should be performed by experienced labor. It may seem like monkey work, but it is most certainly not. For example, it’s quite easy to damage a roof by using the wrong equipment or wrong technique. As the sister company of one of the largest residential roofing businesses in Minnesota, we repair roofs damaged by ‘professional’ roof shovelers every summer after the snow melts away to reveal their incompetence. Shoveling snow from roofs should be done by professionals who are experienced, licensed and insured for your protection. That’s us.

We take our time and put our effort into every job no matter how small or big the job may be. We like what we do.  Only the professionals can have a roof repaired properly and safely.Roof leaks can be very complicated and frustrating to those who do not have the proper experience and tools to diagnose the problem. All Quality will make sure that the job is done properly